Tuesday, 11 November 2014

4Ground Hotel in 15mm

Whilst my blog entries state otherwise I feel I've achieved quite a lot recently. One problem has been the inaccessibility of my computer and another being my physical state. Even with my wife's super expensive digital SLR I have been too shaky recently to take a decent photograph.

I have however managed to increase my 4Ground scenery collection by building the hotel I bought with my eBay profits.

It is, as you would expect from 4Ground, a brilliant kit with lots of details. It is composed of 4 main parts: The Hotel, the cookhouse, coaching barn and the courtyard. It comes neatly boxed with each individual part bagged up, labelled and with instructions. It also comes with a bag of elastic bands and clothes pegs. I really like this, it shows a great level of customer service (4Ground are an excellent company to deal with) and forward thinking.

It's a large and impressive building that will be a great OP or field headquarters for some of my chaps.
Lots of windows fire ports for defenders to utilise.

It has a porch with 3 different signs to choose from.

Separate back steps that fit into holes in the courtyard.

And front steps too.
Three floors with plenty of room for chaps and a tunnel leading to the courtyard and coaching barn.
The separate courtyard allows you to place the buildings as intended or just ignore and set out how you like.
Small cookhouse as an extension onto the main building.

Not exactly roomy but a good number of windows.

Coaching stable with enough room for a coach and some horses.

With the pictures being so big you can see all the places I got my PVA covered hands, most of it not noticeable when gaming. I'd forced myself to build this as I wasn't capable of painting yet didn't want a break from my hobby. The kit is one of the higher 4Ground difficulty levels but as seen it can be achieved by even the shakiest, twitchiest of modelers. I can't wait to get them onto the table.

I can't rate 4Grounds stuff enough and I'm really looking forward to a Manor House, Windmill, Water mill or whatever they bring out next.

Hopefully the rain/wind/gloom will clear at some point and I'll be able to post some pictures of my 15mm germans, a few bits of 28mm and my growing Full Thrust fleet (including some classic starforce ships and a scratch built one too).

Thanks for taking the time,


Sunday, 9 November 2014

Remembrance Sunday - Lest we forget

It is hard to write anything that truly expresses the gratitude we feel for all those who went before us, those who sacrificed themselves to protect and preserve our daily existence, so that we may be free. And to all those that follow, may you return home to your loved ones soon, safe and unharmed.

Thank you.


Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Greetings. Whilst "blog wise" October seems to have been a non-event; the hobby, as ever, continued quietly. In the background, whilst hectic home and work shenanigans try to disrupt the daily grind, my lead mountain sits and waits. Mountains are patient.

After the first eBay purge and consequent shopping trip I felt more focused, and as if my hobby was gaining some momentum. I tried to feel excited about 40K for a while, but beautiful models can only do so much. Each time I play, and hopefully enjoy, a game I often feel the renewed impetus and drive necessary to assail the hobby mountain once more and attempt to move my collection forward. I have seen the mythical foothills of my personal 40k mountain and frankly, at the moment, I'd rather paint tiny germans. Not a good situation but hopefully this may change.

After the arrival of Tank War the next big thing in BA is the Battleground: Europe book (20th of November). This should provide players with better, more accurate force guides for the theatre/region, special rules and scenario's. I have heard some initial chatter about it and so far it's all good.

I've bought most of the armoured support for my British and Americans (Just need some M4A3's and an E2 or some E8's). I've also made my Hotel complex and the moment the sun appears in south wales I'll put up some pictures (Easiest promise I know I'll never have to keep).

As part of my ongoing purge I partook in a table sale at my FLGS. I met some great gamers, caught up with others I knew but had lost touch with (See the post title!) and sold some of my stockpile to people who really appreciated it. It also helped by making me organise my stash (which will make future eBaying easier) so more miniature detritus can make it's way to eBayers around the world.

I believe my favourite opponent has finally started his blog and has also set up a forum for his gaming group. Soon I will start to electronically goad him. Excellent.

Thank you for taking the time, actual hobby stuff will be posted soon,