Wednesday, 12 February 2014

That difficult first post...

Welcome to my blog. 

This will be my account of my return to a lifelong hobby after a lengthy hiatus.

I started gaming in '87-'88 and not surprisingly this was with Games Workshop models and games. During my formative years I discovered my love of gaming generally and played games from many companies (although not often correctly). My main passion was for skirmish gaming which was perfect for the Rogue Trader and Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3rd Ed. era that was current then. I love games like Bloodbowl, Advanced Heroquest and Epic. I painted some miniatures but was often too busy playing or devising what to do next.

My first concept piece for the return of my RT Squats. The sentinel was left plain as I was searching for the forces look and would tackle colour schemes later.
Squat transport mock up
I got older, discovered women and ridiculous adrenaline sports and my hobby took a lengthy holiday (although the urge to paint, convert and game was there, ever present in the back ground: I simply didn't have the time, oppurtunity or funds).

I obtained my first degree, got my masters of research, met my wife and started working. About two years ago I suddenly found myself drawn back to my hobby. Whether this was due to the return of my childhood friend (and favourite enemy) or work/surfing/other hobbies having to take a back seat due to my fluctuating health.
My Epic squat concept models, with minor conversions
I made friends with a local EvilLGS store manager (who was a hard working, enthusiastic model of the perfect staff member,  running a flagship one man store) and began to help him out by making display boards and painting his display models (often overnight) for his shop. From this I did some commission work for those who asked nicely and I began to lose myself in hobbyland again. Unfortunately during this time I mainly modelled and painted for other people, taking few photos, and so have very little to show for it. To make this slightly less dull I've interspersed what pictures I have throughout this post (hopefully) of some of my concept pieces and stuff I've found on my computer.
So now I'm back and determined. I've found a range of new (and old) games I want to play, and I want to own decent painted armies for my favourites. Oh and scenery: the oft forgotten but vital (and just as laborious) part of really fun gaming. what will follow will be an account of me sorting through my hoarded mountainous stockpile of lead and plastic (and now resin too). I intend to salvage and transform what I need, sell some other bits and try to chart my progress. If nothing else, if this blog gives another insomniac hobbyist like myself something to read at 3am, I'll be happy.
My first painting competition entrant. Not amazing, but ok for finding out about it a couple of hours  before the entrants closed and grabbing the first miniature to hand.

 Chaos Lord on Bike (a commission piece that was never collected)
10mm indiviudually based Warmaster for half scale WHFB 3rd ed.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and I hope to see you soon. Please bear with me when it comes to blog technicalities. All helpful and friendly comments are welcomed.


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