Monday, 7 July 2014

Tanks. Just a lot of tanks.

Over the weekend I met up with my FOE at Bovington Tank museum for the wargames show there. It was a strange experience. The traders were dispersed throughout the tank filled museum, sheltering in the cramped niches between vehicles of every kind; like small crustaceans in a tidal pool. And it was almost eerily quiet.

I only bought two things (I found my usual shangri-la, or bring and buy as it's also known, to be somewhat lacking) a copy of Samurai Blades and a 1943 german field manual on defensive emplacements. Weird mix but both brilliant in their own way.

A beautifully modelled game of Sword Beach.

I totally forgot to record who these chaps were so apologies: you table was great.

I'm making the basic defensive options needed in Chain of Command currently and hope to get the finished and up soon. A great deal of trial and error was needed but I'm now getting somewhere. FOE and I decided to get together in the next month or so for an intensive weekend so I need to start thinking of some ideas for our games. I've also relied on his scenery for our recent gaming history, and so feel like I need to be providing more (especially as I've finished a platoon), which is excellent but ultimately, like all true hardcore/deranged gamers I'd imagine, I want my own set. If I can get a few more bits done  now our next games should be starting to look quite pretty.

Another great game.

I also got to meet Piers Brand and see some of the lovely work he's done on the most recent 15mm PSC stuff. It actually looks even better in person. I'm not sure about anything I've painted now. Nice bloke though. Until the sun comes out and I can get some pictures of my fortifications and cowboys please enjoy a few pictures of tanks.

Black Prince

A Valentine and a cruiser.

Panzer III N with transportation jerry can racks.
There's a SdKfz 251/B hiding there.

M8 Greyhound.

M10 and an M3A1 Scout car.

A Jagdpanther.

A Tiger II

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