Thursday, 5 February 2015

Moving Mountains.....

Having had a busy December and an exhausted January I did manage to do a fair bit of sticking, sculpting and procrastinating ( I can sit and stare at one figure I like/am painting/just can't get to work for a disturbing amount of time. I'd like to think the meds are responsible but I think it's mostly just me) but didn't managed to get anything online. From a truly full to capacity hobby room (the door opened - just) to being too shaky to take a decent photo even with magic intelligent cameras, I didn't post. I slipped a disc (and mangled some other muscles) in January 2014 and it was November before I could walk a few feet again. Now upright, if not particularly nimble yet, I feel more positive towards hobby progress.

I'm about to sacrifice my private lead mountains site in order to move into a shared office with my wife (who needs and deserves the space more) which will mean that everything has to be packed and compressed in a tardis like nature. Physics will have to obey because I only have so much house. eBay may be busy. I still intend to continue with bits but what little functionality I have will be plowed into making a better work room for us both to be productive in initially.

I did however finally get a game in with my regular opponent. Or rather 8 games over three days. Chain of Command on the Eastern front. We played a few individual games and then a simple ladder campaign. I've got quite a lot of pics but I thought I'd put up a few random ones too, and I'll try and post some more soon with specific sequences from games.

Russian farmland is the setting for our first game. The dice are our patrol markers playing short edge to short edge with the Germans (me) defending the farmhouse and Wirbelwind stationed outside.

My Germans deploy from a Opel Blitz JOP into some lovely (opponent made) area terrain.

My Stug - still not finished but performed well when called on. Nearly everything we used was painted this time, and with the scenery, it really improved the feel of the game.
Russians advancing steadily. And continuously.

More Germans, a different JOP and another bit of hedge.

Found on my old phone memory card (thought lost)

A Ultra Marine Chaplain I painstakingly freehanded as an additional Crimbo present for my nephew who was getting into 40k.
Have no idea why I don't have a picture of him completed. 
Thanks for taking the time. With a new workspace coming and slightly better health I intend to continue my purge and assault on my lead mountain this year. If anyone wants to buy serious amounts of squats in 28mm drop me a line. Oh and I've fallen foul of the beauty of GHQ 6mm.


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