Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Trapped by my hobby stockpile

After the last entry I made a tragic mistake, having heard a rumbling sound on the east face of Mt. Lead (and instead of running for safety) I stupidly investigated. As the hobbylanche descended upon my pitiful frame I realised my time had come and a strange peace settled upon me. Waking up some hours later in the pitch black I was shocked to be alive. Wasting no time I started tunneling in what I thought was the right direction, stopping only to snack on some clump foliage and flock found growing in subterranean depths. Over a month later I emerged dazed, weak and determined that it wouldn't happen again. With the expert help of a team of entirely imaginary dwarfs I started to excavate the spoil heaps left behind. Days of imaginary back breaking toil later there is a clear route to my desk and computer and more importantly I have a massive load of stuff for eBay.

It's not that I ever really stop my hobby love (although it has come close a couple of times recently) and even though I haven't blogged about my armies of little men; things have progressed.

As a quick round up there are a few pics below of some of what I've been working on with more to come. My regular opponent is coming up this weekend for an epic (3000pts) game of Bolt Action and hopefully this will inspire me to progress and share more hobby stuff.

A set of Dragons Teeth tank traps for CoC.

Barbwire for CoC

A destroyed section of barbed wire
This is a selection of terrain features I've started for CoC (and BA if they add rules for them). The Barbed wire is made from a Flames of War medium base and cocktail sticks. The wire is Gale Force 9 15mm barbed wire. Brilliantly CoC use Barbed wire in 6" by 2" areas which is almost exactly the same size as three bases side by side. I also made two destroyed sections for engineers to cut through or a tracked vehicle to roll over. They've actually had more grass/flock added since this picture. Not pictured is a set of 6 barbed wire on spanish riders (each on a small FoW base) that cover the same standard area. The dragons teeth are just foam cut roughly to size and then surfaced using vallejo pumice.

My three Zvesda trucks to transport my small germans.

The bench arrangement seems impractical (if not dangerous) but it was the set up most likely to be seen in this truck, although the two parallel benches of other models seems more sensible.
I decided to have a poke at my trucks as they were only £2.75 each and the canvas back they come with was a bit too regular and angular for my tastes. After an evenings fiddling I made three variations using procreate, wire and coffee stirrers. I'm quite pleased with the result, I should mention that although cheap, the kits can be fiddly and delicate, needing patience and sometimes a little blind faith to assemble.

With a mega game on the horizon I'm going to attack some of my german motor pool and see what I can get done for the weekend.

Thank you for taking the time,


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