Friday, 5 September 2014

Trucks, a Stug, a Wirbelwind and lots of eBaying

Nice and brief. Below are some more catch up photos of what I've been doing recently.

The Germans were famous in WW2 for formation driving (Not a real fact)

I wish I knew how I'd managed to get one a different tone to the others, must have missed a step. But that's OK because it's just another of the 50 shades of Dunkelgelb.
I may have gone overboard with the mud but it was interesting to see what was possible. If I decide I don't really like them they'll be sent to the Eastern Front.
The mud on the trucks and other vehicles is my attempt to add weathering thats visible at a gaming distance. Certainly Piers Brand has little to fear from me! The mud is GW Astrogranite Texture paint, then dabbed with a Badab Black/Devlan Mud wash and some touches of Typhus Corrosion. They were then sealed with Army Painter Matt Varnish and had a highlight of Terminatus Stone. The rust is Model Mates Rust effect.

Behold! I even had the patience to put the original Balkenkreutz on behind the Schurzen.

My original FoW Stug III had a terminal accident and so was replaced with this lovely PSC one. 
 The good thing about WW2 vehicles is they were varied in tones and colours and few colour pictures exist, leaving the less grognardy of us a bit of lee way to our final schemes. The Camouflage was done using PSC Dunkelgelb spray, masked with Blu Tac and then sprayed with Army Painters Army Green.

I made the crewmen from the terribly miscast gunner of the original stug. I re-sculpted his body and gave him a Peter Pig head. The commander is just Procreate and another head (including a tiny sculpted headset and binoculars).

Doesn't look like a fun place to be.

Putting hi-res pics of your miniatures on the net is a sure way to drive yourself crazy with painting OCD. Luckily everything looks acceptable to me (when not 2x the size on my mac) from a gaming distance.
 Wirbelwinds: the name is enough for me to buy it. Now if I could get a wirbelwind with a nerbelwerfer I'd be happy.

As part of my ongoing hobby purge I'm trying to streamline my collection. There are now a considerable number of items on eBay from my lead mountain. They can be found here.

If you do bid on my items and actually read this poorly updated thing then send me a message after winning and I'll try and give you an even better postal discount or maybe something for free.

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