Sunday, 15 November 2015

A return and quick catch up

The on going battle with my time has gone against me again. Since Salute I haven't touched this blog but that hasn't stopped my hobby furtlings. This post is a simple catch up with some of the pictures of Salute that are lurking on my phone followed by some pictures of the games we played before and after the show.

A few shots of the Dropzone Commander display table. It was beautifully thought out and my camera work does nit do it justice. There were little tableaus and scenes scattered throughout the table and the whole thing was an excellent advert for the game (I've been told it's brilliant).



Various vendors were entrenched in the hall but, as an already confirmed fan, I only have some pics of 4ground. The fantasy town was excellent and something I'd never have the room for.....

An awe inspiring scratchbuilt ship model that was the pinnacle of functionality meeting
aesthetic beauty. It's since been featured in WI and some other publications and rightly so.

Finally an extended Cold War gone hot table with a section of autobahn being used to land a C130. Big, well thought out but not very exciting for me....


That's the Salute pictures briefly and hopefully if you're reading this it means I can update my blog using my little tablet (attempts using the phone blogger app were destroyed due to crapness). Next up some shots of the games we played during the Salute weekend.
Thank you for taking the time,

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