Sunday, 15 November 2015

Car Wars and some outdoor Bolt Action

With Salute being the main focus of our weekend in April we wouldn't manage to get much gaming in so we looked to something different for a diversion. Car wars is a game synonymous with my nostalgic memories of 80's and 90's gaming. It's straightforward, brutal and fun. I didn't take too many pictures but in the example you can see our first trial game with a lorry and car each.

Our vehicles negotiate their respective corners before powering down the high street towards each other. My opponents vehicles are already accelerating towards me as I swing my lorry hard left and formulate a plan.......

My lorry forces my opponents car off the road, hitting the curb, ploughing across the grass and coming to a stop against the tree. My car makes another left across the front of the oncoming enemy truck.
So not the most comprehensive photographic report. Car wars is excellent fun, can be played in a small space and will use up a lot of my future time. There is a recent re-release of the original set and at £14 it's great value and worth investing in.

We managed to get one game of Bolt Action in over the weekend and as it was hot we decided to play outside. The scenario was a group of eastern front partisans ambushing a column of german grenadiers in half tracks. We played this using the v2.0 rules allowing half tracks to fire on a FIRE order without carrying any passengers.

The Germans are set up along the lower road with the fore most half track in contact with the old block. A soviet gun sounds and the carrier erupts into flames, it's occupant spill out and stumble into nearby cover.

he German dismount and fan out ready to face the oncoming soviet threat. Grenadier advance in the relative safety behind the 251.

A soviet armoured car press the attack as partisans emerge from the surrounding trees.

More partisans appear and whilst undisciplined they have the Germans pinned and cut off.
The Germans hunker down in the soft cover against the road, but with no clear escape route they have a bitter fight on their hands.
With the light failing the remaining partisans fall back leaving the germans licking .their wounds in the darkening forest, the warmth of the burning 251 the only comfort
The game was deemed a draw as whilst the germans were still an effective force they had lost a transport and a few men but had been stopped quite resolutely by the partisans and their many AT rifles. It was a very thematic game and the weather was lovely. It was nice to see that half tracks can be usable in BA and that with the right terrain the partisans can be quite effective, we'll have to get the French book as this has some special rules that may be even better.

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