Monday, 16 November 2015

Bolt Action from June.

Some pictures of one of our games in June. It was approx. 3000pts of Soviets versus Germans with a 24 dice limit. The soviets were a classic infantry horde with maxims and varied zis guns, supported by some T-34's and other green tanks (who can tell the red hordes clunky death traps apart). My Germans had a core of motorised veteran infantry supported by mortars, Panzer IV's, a Panther and even a Tiger.

The view from the German side of the table. The church and village are flanked by some farmland and woods.

A little western in appearance this area of the eastern front. The church offered a perfect vantage point and the battle was sure to focus around the surrounding village.
My Tiger rumbles on to be instantly KIA'd by a waiting T34. It was a long shot and caused an instantaneous drop in my (and thus my little chaps) moral.

First blood to the Russians and my Tiger burns merrily, the assailant can be seen to the right of the outbuilding in the distance.
My half tracks rush forward supported by the pz.IV's and the Panther. The infantry dismount and begin the push to dislodge the soviets from the village.

The infantry disgorge from the transport and prepare to meet the oncoming Russians.

The Panther and panzer IV's prowl amongst the trees as they respond to the soviet threat across the village. The burning Tiger a constant reminder that they aren't untouchable.

As the main infantry attack pushes into the village my recon 250 speeds down the left flank to put its small squad in an advantageous position.
The game was a success for the Axis powers even with the Tiger destruction but it was a hard fight with the soviet armour being a tough opposition. Once again I took half tracks in an attempt to use them in BA rather than dismiss them. The tank combat in BA is so simple you can't pin your hopes on them, as I proved with such appalling use of my iconic German super tank. I'm still having a lot of fun with BA, our tables and miniatures are slowly getting prettier. I'm looking forwards to getting the bulk of my Germans done so I can start on my allied forces.

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